Nationwide Accident Repairs is commited to ensuring our website is accessible to all our users. We have taken additional precautions to assist those with disabilities, the details of which can be found below. If you have any questions or feedback about the accessibility of our website please contact us.


  • Links are clearly highlighted
  • Links include descriptive titles to give more information


Accesskeys allow you to navigate the website using the keyboard. You can access the following pages using these numbers:

  • Home - 0
  • Repair centres - 1
  • Mobile repairs - 2
  • Motorglass - 3
  • Fast fit - 4
  • Accident management - 5
  • vTrack - 6
  • Our blog - 7
  • Contact us - 8

If using a PC, press ALT+number, if using a Mac press Ctrl+number


Headings are unique and designed to separate content appropriately. Screen reading software can use headings to cycle through blocks on content on the page ensuring a correct read order.


The website makes use of Javascript to enhance usability but fallbacks are in place if Javascript is disabled or fails to load for whatever reason. This ensures that our website is usable and functional if Javascript is not present.


The Nationwide website has been built using the responsive design methodology which means the layout will adapt to fit whichever device you are using to browse including tablets and smartphones.

The website is functional in all major browsers down to Internet Explorer 7.