Sketch of Dan’s Success - Bradford Artwork Auction

December 23, 2016

This outstanding hand drawn, pencil artwork of Dan Cammish in the Porsche Carrera Cup is being auctioned as a part of Bradford’s team effort fundraising for Nationwide’s corporate charity Macmillan Cancer Support. 

This A1 sized, original artwork of Dan racing in his Championship winning season is the work of Chris Tyler, Paint Technician at Nationwide Just Car Clinics Bradford, who has been hand drawing motorsport images for around 7 years.

Speaking to Dan about the work involved in producing the artwork Chris explained: ‘I started this drawing back in August 2016 and have had to overcome a few setbacks along the way. There has been over 100 hours of work gone into producing this original drawing.’

The current bid for this rare piece of racing memorabilia stands at £500 and comes framed, mounted and signed by Dan Cammish, who was very impressed with Chris’s piece of work.

Dan said: ‘It’s really impressive, I saw the picture of it but seeing it in the flesh is even more so. When you look at the detail and scale of it, you can see it really is fantastic work.

‘It’s fascinating to find out how much patience and talent Chris must have to produce something like this, I’m not bad behind a wheel but have always been useless at art, so this is really impressive.

‘To know that over 100 hours of hard work has gone into this and to see the finished article I felt quite a bit of pressure actually signing it. We’ve had 2 great years with Nationwide, but signing Chris’s artwork is probably the most pressure I’ve been under in those two years. I’ve signed cards and maybe somebody’s t-shirt but never anything that has had so much hard work put into it.

‘The fact it is being auctioned for Nationwide’s Corporate Charity, Macmillan is great.  Last year we had a great response across the team supporting Mission Motorsport and I think this year we will surpass what we managed to raise. It’s great to be involved and a part of the Nationwide team.

To bid on this magnificent A1, hand drawn, signed and framed sketch of Dan Cammish place your bid on the Ebay auction here:

*Auction closes on New Years Day

Due to the interest in this truly unique hand drawing, 50 limited edition A3 replica prints, also signed by Dan, have been produced all individually numbered and enhanced with finishing detail. Currently only 19 remain and these are being sold on a first come first served basis.

Demand for the A3 copies is expected to be high priced at just £50 each, with the proceeds going to Macmillan. To purchase your copy contact Lee Pownall at NJCC Bradford on 01274 718320.