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Acquisition of DWS Automotive Repair Solutions Limited

Nationwide Accident Repair Services, the UK’s largest dedicated automotive repair group, is delighted to announce the acquisition of DWS Automotive Repair Solutions Limited (“DWS”), the accident repair group based predominantly around the M25, the UK’s busiest motorway.

Established in 1982 DWS operates a chain of 17 repair centres providing accident repair and accident management services to motor insurers, fleet operators, dealer groups and motor manufacturers.

The acquisition is in line with Nationwide’s recent moves to expand the range and scope of its offering across the UK as the Company adapts to changing market conditions and sets out new goals for enhanced customer service levels.  In particular, DWS will bring additional capacity across a part of the country where Nationwide is currently underrepresented.

As well as expanding Nationwide’s coverage, DWS will enable Nationwide to match its repair capacity more efficiently with demand. The ongoing expansion of Nationwide’s enhanced service offering has already proven to be successful, and in the first quarter of this year the Company received its highest ever customer satisfaction feedback.

Nationwide is particularly pleased that its Network Services deployment centre, Mobile, Rapid Repair, Traditional and Specialist repair centres safely repaired customers’ vehicles at the fastest rate in the Company’s history. Nationwide’s initiative to balance capacity with demand has resulted in 57% of the cars repaired in the first quarter of 2016 being successfully completed in seven days or less and 32% in three days or less, in line with our customers increasing expectations.

Following the acquisition of DWS, Nationwide’s objective remains to deliver speed, quality, service and value to its customers. The Company therefore expects to further extend its service offering later this year.

Michael Wilmshurst, CEO of Nationwide, commented:

“I am delighted to be announcing the acquisition of DWS.  Nationwide’s model is evolving and our acquisition of DWS is part of our strategy to provide an enhanced service offering to our customers.   

“We’re setting new goals for ourselves as we adapt to a changing marketplace and I’m delighted that we’re now completing almost two thirds of our repairs in seven days or less and almost a third in three days or less.  We are working hard to deliver an optimal service combining quality, speed and value to our customers. The acquisition of DWS is another step forward as we set to achieve the goal of being the repair solution of choice, serving our strategic customers in an increasingly integrated and sophisticated way, to mutual benefit.”

Nationwide recently received investment and backing from Carlyle Strategic Partners III.

In July 2015, Nationwide agreed a deal to buy Just Car Clinics (JCC) for £13.77 million. Click here to read more on the Nationwide and JCC deal.

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