Helping The Environment

What it is: Caring for the planet

As the largest accident repair group in the country, we are very aware how precious our environment is to both us and our customers. It is fragile and we must all do our bit to preserve it. This goes beyond just land, sea and air but extends to communities, history and culture. Our business can harm all of these or help them. We want to minimise the harm and maximise the benefit so we have looked hard at every aspect of our business.

Our offices and accident repair centres have been thoroughly audited – we have done all we can to reduce energy usage and recycling is now second nature for everything from batteries, vehicle components where safe, waterbased paint, materials, straight through to mobile phones and computers. Cars are significant polluters and we cover a lot of miles.

That requires a fleet that can handle the mileage, but we still manage to keep the emissions below 119 g/km. However careful we are, it is inevitable that we will have an impact and we offset this with donations to Cool Earth to help preserve the rainforests and a four year rolling programme of donations to The Woodland Trust to dedicate and protect an acre of woodland in each of the four counties in our territory.

Our commitment

  • Monitor and minimise waste, and reuse and recycle as much as possible.
  • Use 100% recycled paper internally and in our publications wherever technically possible. However we do operate a paperless environment.
  • Use energy responsibly in our business operations, buildings and vehicles, and use an energy supplier that actively invests in new renewable energy sources.
  • Promote environmental efficiency in our business.
  • Promote best practice to vehicle owners.
  • Support initiatives aimed at raising the profile of environmental issues.
  • Encourage our staff to think-Reduce Your Carbon Footprint.
  • Support ways to protect and conserve our local natural environment and the wildlife and habitats within.
  • Our sites operate within EPA licences which control and monitor the emissions each site release into the environment.
Helping The Environment
The Environment

Energy & Water

  • Fit (or replace with when due for replacement) appliances that carry the Energy Saving Trust Recommended Certification mark ie those that are A, A+ or A++ rated.
  • Monitor electricity usage and subscribe to a green energy tariff.
  • Commit to efficient heating system if not already installed eg replacing with more efficient boiler when necessary.