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Inside the Bodyshop: Glasgow Rapid Repair

October 17th, 2018|Corporate News|0 Comments

Job satisfaction, a sense of team spirit and seeing impressive results for customers are just some of the reasons why Nationwide are proud of their Rapid Repair model. The system, which sees suitable repairs triaged to one of their dedicated Rapid Repair sites, not only provides customers with a quicker turn around on their repair but has also received positive feedback from the teams working at the Rapid Repair sites.

Nationwide’s Rapid Repair model centres around speeding up the traditional repair journey, by triaging repairs into a Rapid Repair centre at the first point of notification. Rapid Repair sites are targeted to turn around repairs in less than 5 days.

Nationwide Glasgow Rapid Repair Centre has followed the model for the past two years, with General Manager John Nugent steering the team through the transition from a traditional repair centre to a rapid site.

John said: “The transition was fairly smooth, I enjoy working with the rapid repair model and so it was easy to make the necessary changes. Some of the technicians didn’t immediately see the change as a good thing, assuming their ability to earn bonus would be negatively impacted, when it’s actually the opposite.

“Once they saw what they could achieve, and what we could achieve as a team after becoming Rapid Repair, their opinions changed. We’re a happy camp now and work brilliantly together as a team.”

John McAlinn, part of the Glasgow Team, joined Nationwide in 2005 and throughout his career with the company has worked in different teams and experienced life at both a traditional repair facility and a Rapid Repair site. He said: “I have seen this bodyshop thrive into a successful Rapid Repair site. Meeting the demands of our customers in terms of quality and efficiency gives me great pride and satisfaction.

“We work very hard to achieve these results and have enjoyed pulling together as a team to make this site what it is today.”

Christopher Nimmo, Customer Service Advisor, is new to the team having joined Nationwide in January 2018. He has seamlessly fit into the team in Glasgow as a Customer Service Advisor and has already seen career progression at the site. He said: “At Rapid Repair I have been given many opportunities to grow. My manager recognised my potential and I now cover for the Parts Manager and am starting to learn about Estimating.

“We’re a small branch but with good communication and work processes we are achieving great results. I am excited about pushing to continue to meet and exceed our goals and achievements in the future.”

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