Nationwide Network Services

Ensuring Capacity Meets Demand

Network Services is a division specifically designed to match capacity and demand. Unlike other central deployment centres, its objective is to maximise the effectiveness of repair capacity and service requirements. Logging 235,278 new claims in 2017, triaging 214,840, combined with the right use of data, every job is triaged and managed by its size, location, vehicle type, specialism, customer type and service level agreement delivery.

With an extremely healthy conversation rate of 91%, our ability to triage the vehicle’s damage to the most appropriate repair method-Mobile / Rapid Repair / HiTech / Owned Site or Secondary Network enables us to optimise repair capacity, cost and speed of the customer’s journey. Receiving 375,440 inbound calls from customers, 99% of all calls represented where answered with an average waiting time of 10seconds and a call service level of 89.8%

Making The Best Choice For You

We triage the type and extent of damage, consider the vehicle size, specialism, manufacturer and model, ensure the correct repairer has the capacity and the correct capability. Selection of the right repair solution on day one, therefore reduces vehicle downtime, combined with minimising inconvenience.

Network Services have visibility of the full repair network and their availability. This ensures repairers are not overloaded and can complete the repair within the service level agreement.

Nationwide Network Services

Information Is Power

Nationwide are the only repair solution to offer intelligent triage capable of taking into account make, model, accident damage, location, service level agreements, customer requirements, capacity, capability.  This triage determines, based on the information provided the most suitable route for the customer. This is based on speed, capability and extent of damage.

Insight from the customer, combined with information on the vehicle such as its age and likely value enable us to accurately decide the most suitable repair method, or recognise early in the process total losses.

Effective Capacity Planning

Using our own bespoke triage tool allows us to determine the correct repair deployment and also assist us with an effective capacity planning.

This is what we do:

  • Great communication
  • One easy Freephone number
  • No automated menu systems
  • First Notification of Loss
  • Centralised Repair Deployment
  • Third Party Handling, Intervention, Capture
  • Engineering
  • Rapid Damage Evolution and Repair
  • Claims Handling

“Diminishing down time, reducing stress and strain…keeping you moving”

Nationwide Network Services

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