Rapid Accident Repairs

21 Rapid Repair Centers

Our Rapid Repair Centre’s are located at strategical locations, the Rapid Repair model provides customers with a repair option that speeds up the traditional repair journey, by triaging suitable repairs into a fast track repair centre at first point of notification. Consistently improving efficiency, diminishing key to key and to maintain a consistent workflow, Rapid Repair sites work alongside Nationwide’s fully equipped accident repair centres.

In the case of rapid repair these centres are targeted to turn around repairs in less than 5 days.  They do this by adopting a flow control system where the same team of multi skilled technicians guide the vehicle through a flow system repair reducing downtime.

Faster Repairs Same Great Quality

Our Centres that have been converted to dedicated Rapid Repair Centres have seen drastically improved results in a manner of ways including:

  • Increase in work quality
  • Improved KPI’s
  • Improved Team Moral
  • Team are embracing the changes
  • Staff retention

Our key to key cycle time helps us measure our repair speed and as a result see greater customer satisfaction reflected in our CSI scores.

rapid accident repair

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